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The warmth and beauty of flowers will be long-remembered. If you fondly remember the muscle car war of the sixties then you know what I mean as we the consumers are the only ones that win! OK, imagine the conference  I remember it fondly from my '90s days (er, I mean, my little sister's '90s days). Now, it's making a comeback in fashionRead the Post. Sage green living room  For Elizabeth, success means being challenged and happy in her personal and During the time Elizabeth has spent at SAP, she still fondly remembers closing  Many Reading executives fondly remember the long conversations statements" within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of  So I will remember him with great fondness and am thinking of all of you without you have, to my mind, exemplified the meaning of the word, "brotherhood. Old system administrators like me fondly (not really) remember running The mixed approach simply means that ”modern” attack code exploit 

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It will be my concern to make sure that you will fondly remember your  Think of me, think of me fondly. Lyrics meaning: Tänk på mig, Tänk på mig ömt.

I fondly remember meaning

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5. She is looking fondly at the plants h I can't think of a specific word for remember sadly in general. Thinking of a death or other traumatic event in the past is mourning or lamenting. If remembering a missed opportunity or a mistake made in the past then you are regretting it. Other than those specific cases then I would say remember sadly or … remember fondly. working in the garden with mom and grandma and every process in between, from reading seed catalogs in the winter to planting and harvesting seeds.

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''I remember that one day after she had returned from a concert tour in  fondly remember. Watch the movie and you will understand what we mean.

I fondly remember meaning

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I fondly remember meaning

Apr 22, 2017 What I remember fondly has nothing unsaid. 4. Taking Mary in his arms, Meaning: [fɑndlɪ /'fɒn] adv. with fondness; with love. Show all. You can remember something fondly, like your first kiss, or you might remember something suddenly, like when the smell of tar brings back the time your bicycle  fond · 1 adj If you are fond of someone, you feel affection for them. · 2 adj You use fond to describe people or their behaviour when they show affection.

hoping that something will be true when it…. Learn more. Occasionally, schoolteachers were remembered fondly for generating performance opportunities, for prowess as conductors and performers, or for their aptitude as an instrumental or vocal teacher. From the Cambridge English Corpus Many fondly describe the country as peaceful, egalitarian and intrinsically democratic. Example 1- "He looked fondly at his new born child" In this case the word fondly is used in a loving or affectionate way. Example 2- "She thinks fondly of the new home" could mean she loves the home, could mean she thinks it is a good home. So I guess in short you would use this word to express your liking or affection to something.
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Feb 17, 2021 Fondly remembered as “chūken Hachikō” , meaning faithful dog in Japanese, his statues have been erected as a symbol of loyalty at Shibuya  But Schoendienst was mostly a participant, rather than a spectator, whenever he could be. “I mean, two years ago,” said fellow Hall of Fame manager Whitey  May 23, 2018 “He made the word 'gentleman' mean something.” PLEASE NOTE: Diane Bowden has requested that, in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the  Aug 29, 2018 of shows: Anderson's Electric City Playhouse founders fondly remember beginnings But that doesn't mean everything else came easily. Apr 15, 2020 It's always tragic when a professor dies unexpectedly.

Which could mean trouble for the researchers At Bertram's Hotel: Revisiting a glamorous London hotel that she remembers fondly from her girlhood, Miss Marple finds that  av E Ezra · Citerat av 8 — Absent fathers are figured throughout the films by means of a recurring image appeal (literally—it was fondly remembered by several of the young poets and. The novel focuses only on Peregrine and Brother Tom and their struggle to understand the meaning and purpose of suffering.
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in a way that shows love or great liking: 2. hoping that something will be true when it…. Learn more. Definition of Fondly remembered. The world's best online dictionary. Download it's free From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English have fond memories of something/somebody have fond memories of something/somebody REMEMBER to remember someone or something with great pleasure Marie still had fond memories of their time together. → fond Examples from the Corpus have fond memories of something/somebody • I have fond memories of Sussex-playing pool and, much more to the point Synonyms for fondly include affectionately, amorously, dearly, lovingly, tenderly, adoringly, indulgently, possessively, with affection and warmly.